Good product: working good product i had only used 1 months 70 % pain relief and repairs also beleive me or leave it - Amazon Customer | Good quality. Very helpful for toothaches. - Harshad

About Us

ABOUT US History of Aclaim In a bid to fight tooth erosion we began our research for an ingredient that blends with our teeth and found it in an innovative solution termed Fuidnova’s powered with nano-HAp* (*nanoXIM) a synthetic, water-based nano-hydroxyapatite in toothpaste form to seal microscopic dentinal tubules. Aclaim was born. Major Milestones More … Continue reading About Us
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CONTACT USGet In Touch Group Pharmaceuticals Ltd 521/A, 2nd Main Rd, 2nd Block, 2nd Stage, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru , Karnataka - 560 055. +91 802 337 7962 Follow Us: setTimeout(function(){var ct_input_name = "ct_checkjs_cf7_4f6ffe13a5d75b2d6a3923922b3922e5";if (document.getElementById(ct_input_name) !== null) {var ct_input_value = document.getElementById(ct_input_name).value;document.getElementById(ct_input_name).value = document.getElementById(ct_input_name).value.replace(ct_input_value, '2099088576');}}, 1000);97570
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